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 EXPO 2015 POSTER FINAL 6-28-2015

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New & Old Friendships Are Stimulated


Brown v. Board of Education's National Historical Site Partners For Community Success!


We did it! Topeka, Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Denver, St.Louis, and Omaha!   


Thank You Volunteers & Cushinberry Family


 Wow, There Was Something For Everyone! 



Family Fun




 Educational Game


Free Rides For Parents and Children



2012 Heart of America's Black Expo's "Grant Fest Videos  

KS Black Expo’s Males, Fathers & Sons Workshop

KS Black Expo 2012 United States Army's "SuperHypnotic Band" Salute To Our Militiary Weekend 

KS Black Expo’s Walk for Kansas Families

KS Black Expo's 2012 Carnival & Business & Health & Craft Fair

KS Black Expo 2012 Train Stop

KS Black Expo 2012 Topeka Zapp Concert

KS Black Expo 2012 Never Stopped Wobbling in Topeka


 Press Release

Grant Fest Awards Reception
Friday, August 23, 2013

Brown v. Board National Historic Site, 1515 SE Monroe, Topeka, Kansas - 5:30 P.M. until 7:30 P.M. For more Information please contact us By e-mailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - 785-383-1476

The 2013 Award Recipients

Our 2013 Black Expo’s Grant Fest Award Winner for Community Leadership & Person of the Year:

Our 2013 Black Expo’s Grant Fest Award Winner for Government

Our 2013 Black Expo’s Grant Fest Award Winner for Educational Service Above & Beyond

Our 2013 Black Expo’s Grant Fest Award Winners for Individual Community Services

Our 2013 Grant Fest Award Winner for Grassroots Community Building:

Our 2013 Black Expo’s Grant Fest Award Winner for Business Service Above & Beyond

Our 2013 Black Expo’s Grant Fest Award Winner for Grassroots Job Readiness, and Job Search Assistance:

Our 2013 Grant Fest Award Winner for Military Support:

Our 2013Grant Fest Award Winner for Character In Government:

The 2013 Black Expo’s Youth Services in the Topeka Community Award Winners:

View the Heart of America Black Expo's Grant Fest Comercial for 2012:

NAA KSU MANRRS PIC Our Students at Kansas State University's College of Agriculture. Our College Prep Prgrogram starts from Pre-K through High School.  


Our Students at Kansas State University's College of Agriculture. Our students start learning Agriculture lessons from Kansas State Univesity's Instructors early! Thank you Kansas State University!

We did it! Avondale East meets tough standards of "No Child Left Behind"


We did it! Avondale East Elementary School met the tough standards of the "No Child Left Behind" Federal and State Legislative requirements.

They made the required A.Y.P. (Annual Yearly Progress)!

785-383-1476  -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


The Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association Takes Northeast Kansas Students to Visit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birth Home, Burial Site, and the KIng Museum in Atlanta, GA. over the 2010 Thanksgiving Break



Elite Topeka Hurricanes visit Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Florida




The Elite Topeka Hurricanes Youth Football Team visit Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Florida.

After School Tutoring Program at Avondale East Elementary School Topeka, Kansas



Middle School A.C.T. & S.A.T. Test Preparations Program


After School Tutoring Program at Avondale East Elementary School Topeka, Kansas


Curtis Pitts, Executive Director, assist students with their studies.


Thank You Volunteers & Donors



The Mayor Reardon of Kansas City, Kansas, and Mayor Brewer of Wichita, Kansa welcome Expo and NA&AA events to Kansas City, Kansas




The Director of Athletics & Training Coach Herbert Pitts and his mentor the World Famous Nick Bollitieri of IMG Academy. Coach Pitts has instructed on the International level also at Nick Bolletieri/IMG Academy. Coach Herb Pitts can be reached for Private Tennis and Fitness Training  at  941-404-9195. 


NAA_EXPO_DRILL_OutsideNAA Grand Lodge

Prince Hall Masonic Grand Lodge of Kansas led hundreds of youth and families in a NA&AA Sponsored Expo Parade to celebrate families.




7, 8 & 9 Year Old Little Hurricanes (Pictured in White) lose to Holton in double over-time of 9 & 10 Year Old Championship Game of the YMCA League. Way to go Little Canes!.  

Dear Concerned Citizens,

The Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association is a grassroots Campaign and reminder that everything our children and community needs we have the capability of providing. Through partnerships and hard work we can and must redirect the educational and social philosophy of the communities we live in. We can combat the violence, education gap, and the destruction of the family in our neighborhoods. We plan to put the Neighbor back together with the term Hood.

Our educational support & social development programs require that civic, church, educational, masonic, and all other grassroots organizations take their rightful place as the standard barriers of the community they are designed to serve. This is truly a hands on movement.

Partnering with the correct organizations is very important. We must also realize this is a volunteer driven effort. It is not a matter of dollars that will make this movement work. We should use of church and civic building that already have the capacity to house our youth & adult educational programs. We have retired teachers all over the United States that would volunteer one day a week for two hours. You must also use the Young Men & Women in your community that have business, leadership or sports training in various areas.

All education & sports programs should be free or so cheap that no child should be turned away because of cost. Yet we must require that all children and their parents participate in the neighborhood cleanups, fundraising, and daycare support programming.

It is clear our community has to look elsewhere for solutions to the ongoing problems facing the neighborhoods across America. The answer to the reoccurring deficiencies is right where the problem exist. Those solutions will require some traditional concepts such as hard work, dedication, and the sincere desire to change your Hood back into a Neighborhood.

Your support can be in-kind or financial, but the greatest resource we need is your time.


Curtis Pitts
Executive Director
Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association  





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